Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Shabby Apple Review and Discount!!!

Dresses from Shabby Apple

Recently I introduced you to Shabby Apple Online Dress Boutique . Shabby Apple is an online dress boutique providing women's dresses, little girls dresses, preteen, maternity dresses, and fashion accessories. What makes Shabby Apple so unique is how they keep their dresses simple yet stylish. Every dress they make is made ready to wear. With their dresses there is no need to find tank tops, cardigans or long slips to keep you covered and comfortable. Each dress is made to make you feel beautiful and modest at the same time.

The Review:

I am so excited to show you this adorable dress my little girl recently received from Shabby Apple. This is the "Creamsicle" found in the Little Girls, Shabby Baby, section. This unique style and fun pattern looks so cute on my little girl. The dress is made extremely well and has become one of my favorites in her closet.

This online store is a "Must See". If you are trying to find that perfect dress, that fits your body, this is the store. They have a wonderful "Fit to Flatter" page. Here you will find what shape you are and which dresses they carry that will flatter your body.

Shabby Apple is one of those stores you are going to keep returning to for more clothes. There is so much to choose from and all of their dresses are easy to fall in love with. For this reason I have to remind you of the great discount they have given all "Catch the Drift..." followers for 15% off.
Code: Catchthedrift15off
The code will expire August 15th and can be used whenever you and your readers prefer. Just plug it in on the checkout page.

If you are interested in folowing Shabby Apple, you cna do so on on their Blog, Facebook or Twitter. So there are no hesitations when signing up, Shabby Apple does not participate in selling of contact information at any time