Thursday, August 13, 2009

The 50th Anniversary surprise revealed....

Remember the crazy summer I have been complaining about off and on? Well last month topped it all. I mentioned I would maybe share with you the biggest stress of all. This is also one of my "dusty" old talents I rarely get to enjoy. I grew up loving art. Why do I call my skills"dusty"? Well I don't get the time to really enjoy them as much as I use to... Say like 5 years ago. I get to pull out the art supplies maybe once a year. I wouldn't say I am the best at portraits, but I have done a few. My strongest skills are more in illustration and my creativity. I have done murals and hope to do more when my kids are all in school.
So my husbands parents 50th anniversary was this last week end. I was asked to do a portrait of them with the temple they got married in, in the background. They are such great parents and awesome in-laws. I figured they were totally worth it. Even after all of the pencil throwing and words under my breath, I would like to think it was still worth it. My husband on the other hand would disagree. I think He ended up being my punching bag through most of this ;0) (just kidding)

Some of the pics I worked from...(I had to use several pics of his mom because none of them were really working)

And the final piece. What a relief.

Well, That's that. I can't say it turned out exactly like them, but it was close enough. All and all I was more then happy to surprse them with this gift. They are the best in-laws and parents.


katy said...

It turned out great! You are a talented artist! They are a great looking couple. Congrats to the in-laws on their 50th anniversary!

Laurie & Clint said...

Mama Snow! I am very Impressed! you are very talented, which I already knew. I think you did a fantastic job. Maybe in 50 years you can do one of me and clint :)