Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Save more Money on your Auto Expenses (Guest Post)

Today we have another fabulous guest post from Barbara of Never2Late2Save. She has an awesome site geared towards saving $$$. Who wouldn't love to hear more on that. Make sure you check out the links in this post, as they will link you to further information regarding the specific topic. I want to thank her for joining us and being a guest on "Catch the Drift with Mama Snow".

Save more Money on your Auto Expenses

Finding the best deal on your auto expenses is truly difficult and time consuming. I learned that there are many ways to save on cars if you look in the right places. Over the last 4 years I've been able to get major work done on my car for a fraction of the price and hopefully I can help you do the same.

1. Shop Around. We all know that you can save more by shopping multiple store and this definitely applies to automobiles. Try to get a quote from at least 3 different shops. Prices can range from a $100-$900 difference depending on the job. Make sure to take in account the reputation of the shop you choose.
2. Talk Down The Price. Don't under estimate the power of negotiation. If the price is to high but you really need the work done ask for a discount. Some shop managers will discount the parts/services. I've seen discounts as high as $500 off.
3. Ask a family member or friend. Utilize your friends and family that are mechanics(preferably certified). They can save you lots of money. Most mechanics can get discounts on parts at local auto parts store just for being a mechanic. Let them make the purchase for you and ask if they can put it on. Lots of mechanics look for side jobs to make extra cash. They will charge you less than it will cost you at the actual shop.
4. Buy Used Parts. Find a parts recycler location near you to get the part you need instead. I've bought transmission for $150, axle for $75, and engine for $550 from a used parts dealer for a truly discounted price, including a warranty. Once you buy it and you can't put it in yourself take it to your mechanic to have them put it in. Your only going to pay the cost of labor rather than the high jacked price for part from them.
5. Do it yourself. Everybody dreads the DIY term when it comes to cars but I personally think that it is the best way to lower your auto expenses. If you can change your own oil and tire try switching your own alternator. Usually its in the front of the car in arms reach. Pull up the repair manual online or go on You Tube for a video on how to do the repair yourself.

Prevent Major Repairs:

Pay attention the lights on the dashboard. I don't mean running to the mechanic when a light comes on. Educate yourself on what each light means here, so that you know and understand whats going on with your car. Some people ignore these lights, had they payed attention it could have been resolved before the issue got worse.

Maintenance you car regularly. Always make sure your car gets its scheduled maintenance. To find out how long go to your owners manual, if you can't find you manual use these tips here. Even some of the lights on your dashboard tell you its time for your next scheduled maintenance.

Barbara is 20 and a mother of 2 curious children that enjoy attention. She realized how expensive living on her own could be and decided to become more frugal. She says her goal on Never2Late2Save is to show that you can be any age and save.