Sunday, August 9, 2009

New Free Website Monitoring Service

So you’ve taken the next step, and you’ve finally brought your budding small business or blog to the web. What’s next? Well, I could certainly give you a long—and daunting—list of new obligations, but one thing you should definitely think about is setting up a web monitoring service for your new site.

Think about it: when your new site finally goes live, you have enough to worry about, from content updates to answering the flood of new e-mails filling your inbox from visitors to your web page. You shouldn’t have to also get bogged down in worrying about whether your page is functional moment-to-moment. That’s where this cool web monitoring service comes in.

For absolutely no charge—you just have to register—24X7 Website Monitoring will keep tabs on your web page for you, making sure everything’s working just the way it’s supposed to be. Depending upon the option you choose, this new free website monitoring program will check on your site in 15, 30, or 60 minute intervals. And if something’s not working correctly? They’ll notify you immediately, by e-mail or SMS.

On top of all that, daily tracking reports of your site’s functionality are kept on file for 30 days at a time, so you can log in any time and see how your site is performing over a longer-term time-frame. Plus, the free service also allows you to check on the relative speed of your web page. That’s right: you can check out response times on your page, and compare those to similarly-themed web pages, to make sure you’re stacking up well against the competition.

Certainly, as your web site—and your business—grows, you’ll want to consider upgrading to one of the 24X7 Website Monitoring premium plans, which allow you to keep track of up to 15 separate web pages, rather than the standard 5 for the free account.

Interested in the service,why not head on over to 24X7 Website Monitoring and try out the free Demo? By clicking on “Demo” at the top of the homepage, you’ll be able to click through a mock version of the service, and see just exactly how all the different features could work for your business.

Similar monitoring services are readily available, but the vast majority of them cost a lot more than an enterprising small business owner needs to spend. The folks at 24X7 Website Monitoring think your money is better spent on growing your business.

So check out the web site today, and give the Demo a try to see if this free service is right for your business!


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