Tuesday, August 11, 2009

That's Gotta Hurt! (Favorite Photo)

Yes, "That's Gotta Hurt" and it did. Not to long ago my little boy had two very loose teeth. The roots to his two front teeth had totally desolved caused from some past trauma. Knowing him it could have been from anything like falling off a chair to running into a wall. The two teeth were so loose and dad was sure he could pull them out quickly and pain free. When I heard how he was going to pull the teeth out I was totally against it. My husband claimed his dad use pliers to pull his teeth as well. For some reason I agreed and decided to take pictures. What you don't see is what happened next. My husband pulled, but the tooth did not come out. I stopped taking pictures to comfort my sobbing son.

This sounds like such a sad story and I truly felt bad for my poor son. What made this somewhat comical was when I happened upon a picture of my husbands dad using the same plier teeth pulling method.

And there you go!
So you know, my son has since lost his two teeth. Mommy finally pulled them out when they were really ready to come out, not to mention after he gained his trust back in mommy and daddy.

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Lysana said...

Hee. You're right, finding the photo of your husband getting his teeth extracted the same way does make it comical. It also means that you're not the only one who takes pictures of their husband pulling their son's teeth out with pliers, either!

Glad to know it all came out okay in the end. ;)

katy said...

OMG! No way would I sit still for that, when I was a little girl. I'm a little nauseous now.