Friday, October 2, 2009

Flight to IZEAfest...

I have been super excited about attending the IZEAfest in Orlando FL. Not only was there going ot be several evants and workshops to attend, but I also had family close by. This gave me somewhere to stay and saved cost for my sponsors “Piggy Paint” and “Got Free Ecards”.

I chose to arrive a day early to ensure I arrived on time with no plane delays, etc. I thought this would help things be a little more stress-free. Although, I learned stress can find you no matter what.

My son had not been feeling well before we left and this cause me to worry some. I also had to stay home rather then run around and get errands done. I didn’t want him to spread anything around. He started to seem fin the day before and I was relieved.

The morning of my flight, I woke up to a major storm outside. It was pouring rain. It then dawned on me that I had left my sons carseat outside while cleaning my car. I ran outside and it was soaked. I had to take it apart and throw it into the dryer hoping it would be dried by the time we left. I got ready, threw my bags in the car and grabbed my sons damp carseat cover and put it back on. We grabbed the kids got them into the car and just then my son threw up everywhere. My stress was rising. I hate leaving sick kids behind. But we had to move since we were already running a bit behind. As we started driving away from our house, my husband realized he neglected to gather some very important items for work that day. He had been really busy this week dealing with some side family drama, helping with sick kids and helping me get things ready before I took off for a few days. It was too late to pick up these items and he was sure it would not be good for work.

I began to wonder how my family was going to make it without me. I was already getting homesick before I even left home. After the crazy morning I made it on my first flight. Because of weather, it was a rough flight, but we landed safely. I then got onto my second flight and got seated. The plane began to take off when it stopped and an announcement came over the intercom. The flight was to be delayed because of some mechanical issues. The passengers and I then sat on the plane for about an hour while the issue was being takin care of.

Finally I landed in Orlando. My cute cousin picked me up and I am happy to say the rest of the day went smooth… Until my hubby called to tell me that my son puked again on the way home from grandmas all over HIS car again. (His car is not smelling good these days). Then he informed me that our son, who is already missing his two front teeth has another loose tooth. This is his bottom front tooth. What makes his bad is that my son is only 4 year old and you aren’t even suppose to lose your teeth until about 6, so he is going to be missing three teeth for about two years. His first teeth were damaged from some kind of trauma and it seems this next one must be the same case. Ugh!

Well I have now ventured into my first official day of IZEAfest. Last night was the "Howl-o-screem" which was awesome. I will try to share more with you later today or tomorrow.

Thanks to my sponsors "Piggy Paint" and "Got-Free-Ecards"!