Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yanni Voices in Concert (Review) !!!

So here it is the post I have been so excited to bring to you all. Last week I had the opportunity to go to the Yanni Voices concert, thanks to One 2 One. This was an opportunity I just couldn't turn down. I called my sister on the phone to see if she wanted to attend with me. She was as excited as I was and I have to say... We both loved it!

Before going I was most excited about hearing the beautiful voices of the singers. I had listened to their music prior to the concert and could only imagine how the voices sounded in person. Talk about talent, the vocalist were even more incredible live. The power and clearness of each voice amazed me. Listening to Yanni Voices LIVE gave me chills and confirmed to me that the vocalist were not just great recording artist. So many times it seems an artists CD sounds great and then LIVE you are left disappointed. You wonder how much they had to edit during their recording. With Yanni Voices, it's all real and I loved how each artist brought their own technique and creativeness to Yanni's songs. One of my favorite songs was sung by Leslie Mills, "When the Night Ends". Her voice almost seems to tell a story and I love the high notes in this song. She sings them in almost a whisper, but not with a strain. It is very beautiful. Another vocalist who stood out was Nathan Pacheco. This guy can hold a not forever. There is constant strength in his voice, even during his longest notes. In all honesty though, each artist brought something great to the concert.

The biggest surprise of the night was the talent of the orchestra. I have never been in such awe! I honestly went more for the voices, but gained a larger respect for all the instrumental musicians involved. It literally amazes me how Yanni hears which instruments to add and where to focus on their sounds. It is incredible how talented he is. Then there were the two main violinist... WOW! You really need to listen to these two play. I have never given a standing ovation for a violinist before and was trying to control myself from falling off my seat. Ann Marie Calhoun and Samvel Yervinyan, the violinist, were incredible.

To top things off for the night I was able to meet Yanni Voices afterwards. They were all very warm and friendly. I thought Chloe was a sweetheart and was full of energy. It was refreshing to have such a talented artist so down to earth and excited to meet everyone. Elder Thomas always made a point to listen to each of us with respect and helped make all of our experiences backstage meaningful, by giving us the attention we hoped for. Each of these artist appreciated the time we took to review the concert and for the questions we had for them.

Overall it was an amazing night and I gained a greater appreciation for all the artist who were involved. I was glad to share the experiance with my sister and meet other bloggers there. Of course it added to the event. In the picture above you will also see the Fairy Blog Mother who also attended.


Tracy said...

Oh, I wish the Yanni Voices tour would come to Texas! You are so lucky :)

Annette said...

I totally meant to email you this link.

Here's my blog post.