Friday, June 26, 2009

Mega Cool....

Old Navy Deals just click below!!!

Glidden is offering America FREE quarts of paint!
Just choose the color you want and they will send it to you within 3-4 weeks while supplies last!

I just ordered some for my bathroom. Hmmm... I hope my husband likes it. One deal that may be worth using if your wanting to update a room.

FREE Chocolate Friday!

Mars is giving away coupons for a free single-size package of any M&M’S Brand, Milky Way Brand, Snickers Brand, 3 Musketeers Brand, Twix Brand or Dove Brand product. .
Limit 1 coupon per email address each Friday, and limit 4 coupons per household total throughout the promotion. Each Friday 9:00:00AM ET to 11:59:59PM ET. Promotion will end 9/25/09.


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