Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving giveaways!!!

Since I will be eating lots of turkey on Thanksgiving and out looking for deals on Black Friday, I may be slacking from the computer the rest of the week . So here are some giveaways in advance you can check out or list! Also don't forget to check out my current giveaways going right now.

Hasbro Toys 12/7
Hasbro Games 12/7
EAD Designs 12/2
The Slanket 11/30
Elfing Around 11/30
Wii Pet Rescue 11/30


Anonymous said...

Woohoo – thanks for the linky! I have an ongoing Giveaways Galore Linky that everyone can use:

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

April Sexton said...

Thanks for the linky! Everyone can submit their giveaways here also:

Spamgirl said...

I've added your Linky to my directory of Linkys! Thanks so much for putting it up for us :) If you'd like to see the list, feel free to check out - and if you have any other Linkys or contest directories you know of, feel free to add them! Thanks again :)

Cascia said...

Thanks for the links! You and your readers are invited to link to your giveaways every Monday on Healthy Moms.
I’ve also included your button on our site.

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