Sunday, August 16, 2009

PlasmaCar Mega Review (The Classy Closet Review Panel)

Finding a toy that the whole family can enjoy isn't always easy. I think most of my frustration comes from my almost 2 year old, because she is too small for any toys with wheels. Her legs are also too small to reach the pedals. This has caused many melt downs in our home and during outside play. She loves shadowing her big brother and doing what ever he can do. Although cute, it can be a pain.

I was super excited when The Classy Closet Review Panel and I were asked to review the PlasmaCar from I had seen PlasmaCar's at local fairs and gift shows. I knew if they could really work how they were suppose to, the PlasmaCar would become a huge hit at our home. To give you a little background on the PlasmaCar, it runs fully on pure energy. There is no need for batteries or fuel. You just sit on the car and natural forces take control. You can find more information regarding how it works at the PlaSmart website

The Review:
It was all fairly easy to put together, although I did put the back wheels on wrong at first. That was caused by readers error. My husband is still giving me a hard time for messing up with such easy directions. Everything was very easy to follow and even had pictures to guide you as you went. There really wasn't much to attach other then the the wheels and steering.

My kids love the PlasmaCar. it is great because my youngest can even get in on the fun. She may not understand that you don't need your feet to move it, but she loves it anyways. My son on the other hand thinks the PlasmaCar is the coolest thing since bikes. He loves riding it down on our sidewalk, which has no slope. He thinks it is a race car or something. It is so simple to use and so kid friendly. All of his friends like to take turns on the PlasmaCar as well. The crazy thing is even I can ride it. For adults it works best on a smooth surface, but it still works. Now our only problem is there is only one PlasmaCar, two kids and two adults. You can see what that leads to ;0)

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*I would like to thank PlaSmart for having The Classy Closet panel review such a fun product. If you are interested in reading other reviews you can do so at these links.

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