Sunday, August 16, 2009

No, I am not Angela!!!

So one of my followers just contacted me to inform me someone contacted them using my site as where they found their email. Let's just say I am a bit P.O.'ed that someone is using me and my viewers for their form of contact.

First off I want to inform you that this is not information passed on through me or my feed. My feed is secured through Google and from what I know there has not been any security breeches. Also I DO NOT pass on any of my viewers information. I am very appreciative of my viewers and their support, I would never want to do anything to lose their trust.

How did this happen?:
Just by leaving a comment using your google account. This can happen on any site or network. When you are logged in to your account and if it is linked to your site or email, your email and information is opened to the publics access. Also when entering contest you are asked to leave your email. Yes, that makes your email an easy target, but I cannot contact the winner unless otherwise.

Here is my advice for all you contest/giveaway lovers:
* Have a separate email used ONLY for subscriptions and contest. This is what I do and I know unless it regards a feed I signed up for or a contest I entered, that it is spam.

* If you choose to do the above and get a new email for family and friends only, make it very clear to those people that you do not want to receive any email forwards on your new address, as these forwards often end up in the hands of spammers, who harvest hundreds of email addresses from the email headers.

* Disguise your email using no symbols. Ex. Hail2thesnowqueen at gmail dot com\

* Update your e-mail junk mail program and e-mail filters. Spammers continually try new tricks, trying to bypass anti-spam technologies.

* NEVER answer spam mail. Don't open it if you suspect it is spam and if you do and are unsure of who it is from, Do NOT reply. My follower this perfectly as she contacted me first before replying to the email. Two thumbs up for you ;0)

If anyone has received an email from Angela (angela.buba at I apologize. This is not me and not my work. It may be spam and I just wouldn't answer it. If Amanda is reading this, "Leave mine and other bloggers followers alone". If you want followers, friends or whatever, make a blog and do your own work. Stop benefiting from others hard work. I have worked hard to build this blog into what it is and try to give my followers the best post and service.

Be very careful in the Bloggersphere!!!