Friday, April 3, 2009

Winners Winners and Winners!!!!

Let's first start off with announcing our 3 winners from the wonderful N-fini Shape giveaway. You lucky people, here you are....
Winning numbers randomly selected 53 22 229.
#1 Yasmine
#2 cdziuba
#3 yadgirl

Now it is time to announce the Etsy Easter Extravaganza Winners. I hope everyone takes time to revisit these wonderful shops. If there was anything you were hoping to win and didn't, you still have time to order and get your item before Easter. Please try to do so in the next two days. This will give them the weekend to get your package ready and out by Monday. Be sure to let the Store know you are there from Catch the Drift and would like your item by Easter also check to see if the store had any discounts available from the party. Here is the link with all participating stores.

Crazy About Chenille: #154 Oona
Tactile Baby: #56 Andreah
Illia: #55 Amweeks
Annie's Powder Room: #6 dctm
Pretty girls Bows: #113 Mom2aNutBall
The Broken House: #64 gahome2mom
LaDesign2 baskets: #135 Amy

I have emailed each individual and they have been given 48 hours to reply. No exceptions for the Etsy Easter giveaways. These need to be in ASAP in order for the Etsy stores to get there things sent for Easter!

Thank you everyone and Happy Easter Soon! ;)


lfhpueblo said...

Lots of winners, means lots of congrats coming your way, and here's one from me, "Congrats!"

1955nurse said...

Some day I hope to see MY name posted as a "WINNER" but it just wasn't to be this time. Congrats to all the winners...... :)