Monday, March 30, 2009

Kids Cooking and Sewing Winners...

Congrats to these two winners.

The Sewing Activities goes to #59 Deb who said...
"I love the sewing one. My daughter has been 'playing' on the sewing machine for over a year and it's time for her to learn some basics. I especially like their video links that show the sewing machine and fabric."

The Cooking for Kids goes to #72 Chelle who said...
"Oh I am so excited about both of these!!!! So I have to pick just one huh?

I have triplets. One is really into cooking and one is really into crafts.

2 of them already have something special we do just with them, SO I'll pick the Cooking e-book so I can have something special to do just with my son. Of course I would do this with all of them, but I would have a special time with just him.

And I love the 3 month menu planner with recipes. Yes- I subscribed to both of these sites. Thank you!"

Enjoy your time with your children with these fun activities.


Chelle said...

Wheeeeeee! I'm so excited! Thank you so much! You have started my day with a BIG smile!