Thursday, April 2, 2009

Interested in being part of a review panel?

For those of you who love doing reviews and giveaways yourselves here is a great opportunity to be part of a review panel at great blogging network site called "The Classy Closet". I have been a member of The Classy Closet since I began my own journey and gathered so much information and tips from other bloggers. Not only can you learn more about blogging, you can ask anything on their forums (Parenting, Christmas ideas, etc) or become involves in any of their clubs(Mother Club, Homeschool Club, Recipe Club.... and more) to learn more about everything else your interested in!
Well recently I was contaced by the owner to be over a review panle and so here I am searching for a great group of bloggers who not only blog, but who are also willing to vlog. You don't have to have experience in vlogging, just the confidence and capability on your computer to do a video review. This is a new thing many PR's want to take place with their reviews.

* If you are interested please email me at (Let me know if you can vlog and I will need your URL to your site. You also may want to include any information about you and your site that you think the panel could benifit from (This is up to you).

* But first you have to join or all ready be a member at The Classy Closet. Sorry, as part of this great review opportunity we will be having one main post at The Classy Closet which has all the links of the other reviews. We also hope to get some awesome giveaway opportunities from this. Hopefully they will be BIGGER then ever! I am so excited.

Try to get with me by Saturday. This is when I am going to go through all applications and choose 3-5 people to be a part of this group. After this takes off there may be other openings later on for more. Even if you don't feel you want to be a part of a review panel you may want to check out The Classy Closet as they have much to offer including fun parties!


noreen said...

the link goes to your blog not classy closet
love to sign up but can't find the site