Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Bloomin Belly! (My Review and Their Giveaway)

I have to admit I was not prepared for pregnancy, let alone a new baby. I was the youngest of four and never had opportunity to babysit or hold a little one. So when I found out I was pregnant for the first time, I sort of freaked out. I had almost nine months to prepare for the little one, but the pregnancy was already there and I couldn't slow that down. I had no clue what was in store.
I had several people offer me books which only overwhelmed me more. There were so many pages and so much information, a lot of which I found useless. I just wanted the basic information on me, my health and my baby. I also wanted an honest book about what to expect. Most importantly I needed a book that could keep my attention and maybe provide me with some humor along the way. Now that I have already had baby number two, the perfect book arrives. A little late for me, but right on time for you soon-to-be moms.
"My Bloomin Belly A Pregnancy Calendar Plus", is a wonderful ebook to help guide and inform you during your pregnancy. My favorite part of this book is how it is cut down by months and categories. This gives you the opportunity to easily find what you are looking for, rather then having to read through several pages before finding what you want. It starts by giving you all the options of delivery. Yes, you have options. I personally prefer the traditional way with a doctor at the hospital, but to know I and others have options is such a relief. This book includes specifics and directs you to sites that will help you find what you want.
I think anyone who has already experienced pregnancy would agree that there were several things not even your closest friends ever told you. Why do some things need to be forgotten to untold. "My Bloomin Belly..." does now leave these untold things unspoken. Each month they include a section titled, "The Real Deal: What only your best friend will tell you!". You will find things you never knew or if you are like me, you will find things you wish someone would have told you. One great example is the ultra sound. One of the days you most look forward to, one of the days you also experience some of the worst bladder pains ever!

My Bloomin Belly Blog
"My Bloomin Belly A Pregnancy Calendar Plus", not only offers there ebook, but recently created a blog where they post fun stories and information for pregnant women and moms.
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My Bloomin Belly's featured Giveaway
"My Bloomin Belly's..." blog also has a fun giveaway for all you giveaway lovers. One winner will win a set of Lia Sophia Bangle bracelets.
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