Wednesday, October 20, 2010

KT Tunstall Tiger Suit REVIEW!!!

KT Tunstall recently released her latest cd "Tiger Suit" Oct. 5th. I have been a fan of KT Tunstall since I first heard her song "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree," on the radio. Her raspy voice is so unique and yet so real. It isn't like one of those voices where they are trying so hard to sound good and are just singing the song. KT's Voice has depth and tells a story with emotion. Of course I was very excited to be one of the first to hear her newest release.

"KT Tunstall is a Grammy-nominated, multi platinum, scottish-born singer songwriter. Many of you will be familiar with some her hits such as "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree," "Suddenly I See," Other Side of the World" or "Hold On". Tiger Suit heralds the beginning of a new musical adventure for KT. Organic instrumentation is blended with dance-friendly textures, the results of which she has dubbed “Nature Techno” to encapsulate the album’s collision of raw, upfront rootsiness and sleek electronic textures."

You will not be dissapointed with this cd if you are already a fan. Even if you are not familiar with KT Tunstall you probably will become a fan after hearing this cd. The description above says it all. The music has a very organic sound and in ways I find authentic. The songs are very enjoyable to listen to and have catchy beats and tunes. It is even hard for me to choose a favorite song as I actually enjoy every one of the songs on this cd. That is a first! You can preview the album HERE!

For those of you who would love to see KT Tunstall in concert you may get your chance. Starting Oct. 31 - Dec.1 the tour begins. You can find the tour dates on KT Tunsall Facebook Page.

Buy It:
You can purchase TIger Suit at Amazon for only $11.88

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