Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kaskey Kids review!

I have been so excited to share with you this awesome toy. I was recently introduced to Kaskey Kids through another blogger (Angie from "A Simple Kind Of LIfe"). Kaskey Kids was founded by Bruce and Christy Kaskey in 2001. Christy took her children's love for sports and her brothers love for action figures and created these fun sport action figures. She felt these would be the perfect indoor toy for any boy or girl who loves sports.

The sports action figures which Kaskey Kids offers are Football Guys, College Football, Baseball Guys, Hockey Guys, Soccer Guys and mini packs of football and baseball guys.


Kaskey Kids offered me a free product to review. I had my son select which sport figures he would like to have. After making a hard decision between all the sports he loves, he selected the "Baseball Guys" figurines. This set included all of these items.

- a Red and a Blue team (24 2 1/2" players)
- 1 umpire
- 1 fully adjustable realistic scoreboard
- 28" x 28" washable felt field
- 10" x 6" x 5" stackable container with attached lid and handle
- (My personal favorite) a list of baseball rules and terms for people like me who don't quite understand the sport. Everything was explained in great detail for children too.

My husband has always been into sports and would love for our son to be as well. My husband has found it a little challenging to explain sports to our action hero toy fanatic 4 year old. It's not that our son doesn't enjoy playing sports, he does. The problem is he has a hard time focusing and listening to their rules. He does however focus well when playing with his action figures. On the other hand my husband has never really been into action figures. I hoped this would be a great toy to involve both of them and their likes.

My son loves his "Baseball Guys" figures. My husband has finally found a toy him and his son can enjoy together. I personally love watching my husband teach my son the rules of baseball, while playing and spending time with my son. This is such a perfect toy for a sport fanatic and his son.

I have been so impressed with this toy and the fact that it also doesn't encourage violence, that I have included it on my "Christmas Gift guide". Kaskey Kids has also agreed to sponsor a giveaway during the "Christmas Gift Guide" event!

Kaskey Kids is offering you a discount now and one for the holidays. For those of you who want to get an early start on you Christmas gifts, here is a code you can use now.
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