Sunday, August 23, 2009

Shop for reviews and prices at!

I am already brainstorming about what to get my toddlers for Christmas. One thing I think both of them would enjoy is a play kitchen. Before I make any purchases though, I want to know what I am buying and know I am getting it for the best price. This can demand hours of research on my part. Even worse is the regret after purchasing the item. Have you ever bought an item and then learn later on that it is 30% off or more at another store?

I have a found a site to solve all of these problems and more. Let me introduce you to is a wonderful resource to turn to when you are in search of a product and a great price. When I enter I first typed "Children's Kitchen". After hitting the search button, a list of kitchen playsets and their photo's pop up. I really liked the "KidKraft Prairie Kitchen".

I then select the kitchen (KidKraft Prairie Kitchen) I am interested in and get a list of stores and their prices. Here is where I learn that Amazon Marketplace offers the lowest price at $105.93 while list price os over $200.00. "It's that easy"!

Another great feature you will find on is their question and answer feature. Here you can ask any question about a product or a brand and people like you will give their honest opinion.

I have really enjoyed using It is amazing how one website can offer you so much information saving you all the time and money. The variety of products you can search is endless. At you can learn more on electronics, children's toys, health & Beauty, office supplies and more. Head on over and take a look at an item you have been wanting to purchase.