Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mr. Linky, some complaining, "Oh", and some really AWESOME news to begin!!!

Whew! I made it through one CRAZY week of reviews and giveaways. As you've noticed there has been several reviews and giveaways going up this week. Don't ask me what made me concider loading my already full platter. Sometimes I just like to over do it so that I can remind myself of why moderation is impoartant. Ok, so that isn't really the reason, although that is what I learned. I just get so excited when I hear about these companies I just hate passing the opportunity up. My life is pretty much the same way. I hate turning down anything thing that sounds intrigiung at the time. Before I know it, I am way over my head and my list of "Things To Do" is unrolling over the table and onto the floor. "Lesson Learned".

I did have to accept just one last review for the month though. This I could NOT turn down. Most of my close friends and family know how much I love music. I am sure I have mentioned it a time or more before. Music is what gets me motivated to workout, run my errands and relaxes me when needed. I love all genres of music and dependig on my mood I play whatever is needed to express myself. So you can see the shock on my face when I was contacted by One2One Network regarding two tickets to the Yanni Voices concert in my city this next week. Can I say I wanted to cry with excitement? I emailed back syaing of course I was interested and have been waiting all week to get a reply. Finally yesterday I did.

I with other local bloggers have been given tickets to go and review the Yanni Voives concert, but that's not it. Included with this offer is backstage passes for a meet and greet afterwards with the performers. I am so screaming with excitment right now. Hello, who doesn't know Yanni? I love his music and have been listening to the Yanni Voices music for a while now as the internet has been spreading the word on these talented artist. You may even remember me having a widgit up about this a coupe of weeks ago. I am so excited and lucky you can read all about it when it happens.

OK, I know you are all waiting for Mr. Linky now. Just be patient while I take in this moment...

Alright, I am ready now. One more thing. I have several giveaways going and I also have extended the "Tiara's Boutique" giveaway. Just think of it as a extra gift from me. I have to do something nice to thank you for supporting my blog don't I? Don't foget to enter these if you have not yet.

Tiara's Boutique (Fairy Wings)
Peace Love Mom 6/15
$25 Amazon gift card 6/17
Carolyn's Kitchen (sexy aprons) 6/23
Piggy Paint 6/23
Purple Trail (Party giude site) 6/23

Now it's your turn. Enter your giveaway on Mr. Linky or click on it to search for fun giveaways to enter!


Thrifty and Chic Mom said...

I went to Yanni Voice last Sunday it was AMAZING!!!!!! Have fun ( I am actually listening to it right now)

Mandy said...

I recently went to the Yanni Voices thanks to One to One and it was fun! We really enjoyed the show and the Voices were very humble and talented! Have fun!

Adam said...

I love giveaways!

My name is Tiffany from Living As Mom and I am taking a challenge to leave comments for & make friends with 1000 new bloggers. I hope you will stop in and comment.

If you stop by and like what you see and decided to follow me.. please let me know so I can return the favor and subscribe to your blog as well!

I hope to see you soon!


The Knutson Klan said...

Thanks for the linky! #82 needs to be deleted, I hit the button on accident! Sorry! Grabbed your button.