Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Note ll: Taking a Chance on Love REVIEW

One of my guilty pleasures is Hallmark Movies. I love their simple stories that bring hope and purpose. As silly as it sounds I prefer to watch these movies alone as they have sometimes caused me to even get a little emotional. Recently I happened upon an opportunity to review the hallmark film "The Note II". I learned that The movie was based on a novel written by best selling author Angela Hunt. The movie became Hallmark Channels #1-rated original movie in 2007.

The Note II: Taking a Chance on Love arrived on DVD May 5, 2009. Starring two of America’s favorite Soap Opera stars, Genie Francis – (TV’s “General Hospital”) and Ted McGinley – (TV’s “Hope and Faith”, “Married with Children”), this inspiring love story is a must for everyone.

Genie Francis and Ted McGinley star in this successful Hallmark original movie as two people who have fully realized their love for one another but must face other challenges that life throws at them, including the pressures of developing a relationship with an estranged daughter.

The Review:
Over all the movie was a movie about moving on in one's life. Many times we find ourselves caught up in little set backs or we find excuses keeping us from what we really want most. Life will always have it's challenges, but we cannot destroy our own happiness because of fear. Over all the story line could relate to most of us who have suffered from pain of the past. I was able to learn a lot from the charactors and how they became who they were. Then of course there was a love story. Every Halmark film needs a love story.