Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pediped Flex Review!

When it comes to shoes, you get what you paid for. After several blisters and brocken straps, I tend to think I spend more replaising my shoes rather then just going with the better brand in the first place. When it comes to my kids I have the same thoughts. My children are constantly on the go and I want to make sure their shoes are comfortable and give their feet room to grow. This is why I love Pediped footwear. You won't have to wonder if they are comfortable on your child's foot.

Pediped generously sent my son the Demetri Flex shoe to review. Not only are these shoes extremely cute and stylish, but thesy are made to last. These shoes are made to stay looking new. After an active day of running and playing my son isn't begging to take his shoes off. It is as if he doesn't even know they are there. He has received several compliments on his shoes and I personally cannot get over at how well these shoes are made. All Pediped shoes are made with a non-toxic, ECO grade leather. Your child will also find comfort in the foam and cushioned insoles. The padded heels help keep your child's foot protected from impact and distribute the weight throughout the foot. For your toddlers, Pediped offers Pediped Flex to give your active child comfort in all their foot movement. My favorite feature has to be the Flex Feet System. This allows the shoe to bend comfortably with your childs movement. These are one pair of shoes my son is not begging to take off.

Pediped footwear has shoes made for infants ages 0-2 (Originals) and shoes for toddlers age 1-5 (Flex). Originals are made to stay on your infants foot. I would have loved to had these for my babies. I was always losing shoes without even knowing it until I got home. Pediped is also recommended by podiatrists.

So if you are looking for a perfect pair of shoes from a company who has several people stand by their name, shop at Pediped. You and your child will love their shoes and the selection they offer.