Monday, May 11, 2009

More Fathers Day gift Ideas!

I laughed when I saw this deal. Not because the product is funny, but because my husband is always trying to figure out ways to get me to park right in the garage. We have the smallest 2 car garage and not a lot of room for all of our items which belong in there. My husband has attached balls on strings and hung them from the garage ceiling to help me know when to stop pulling my car back. I still manage to hit things ;) Plus my kids thought this was some cool toy that dad put in the garage and have pulled all the balls down. I am actually considering getting this for my hubby. It has great reviews and I think he will be happy to see I am serious about working on my garage parking skills ;)

Easy Park Garage Parking Sensor @
Sku: 210732534
Was: $39.99
Now at $11.99
Plus FREE Shippong

This other gift idea is one that is fun for the whole family. Well some of your kids may be too young, but you and your friends will love this game. This is mine and my husbands FAVORITE game. It takes a lot of strategy and we don't like to play nice. If your husband or father likes games, I highly recommend this. Right now it is on sell on Amazon.

Was: $49.99
Now on Amazon: $32.92