Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fathers Day Giveaway! CLOSED

Fathers Day is coming up and we can't leave out those "Soon to be Daddy's". They are in for a great adventure and we want to do our best to prepare them. Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox is back and wants to help you wish these daddy's a Happy Fathers Day! Let me remind you of some of the fun items included in the Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox. A pacifier they call the "Scream Plug", Tongs, Biohazard bag and another one of my favorites the "Patent Pending Poop Poncho". There is also so much more.

You can find the Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox at Fun Stuff For Babies or at Gifts For Dads To Be. Now you can find even more products at these sites. New is the "Real Men Change Diapers" bumper stickers. The bumper stickers are $2.00 with $.95 Shipping & Handling.

As a supporter of the Daddy Changing Diaper Toolbox, I want to give all of you a chance to help the creators Chris and Jules reach their dreams. They still have hopes to be on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. For a bonus Entry I provided a link where you can submit a suggestion to have them on the show. I have already done so. Even though I can't be involved in the giveaway I have high hopes for this humorous gift idea. I think Ellen would love it!

Giveaway: One lucky winner will receive their own Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox! This is to be used to wish a Daddy To Be "HAPPY FATHER'S DAY"!

How to Enter: Please visit Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox here or here! Come back to Catch the Drift... and name your favorite item in the Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox.

*For Bonus Entries*
- Go to The Ellen Show and tell the them why you think they should have Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox on. (Be sure to copy what you wrote and leave it as part of your comment). 2 Entries
-Blog or Tweet this giveaway! (Leave the link to where you posted)
-Subscribe to my blog
-Add my button
-Follow me on Twitter

Each of these can give you another entry! Please leave a separate comment for each one and what it is for!

Rules: In order to win, you must provide a valid email. I will be notifying the winner by email. The winner will have 48 hours to respond to me with their name and address. If this information is not received within 48 hours new winner will be chosen.

Giveaway Ends: June 10


Leah said...

By far my most favorite item in there is the turkey baster for supreme hiney cleaning (or however they worded it)! too darn funny!

Leah said...

Here is what I said to Ellen:

Ellen I have found a product that is right up your alley. Think adult bibs...it's that good. This is the ultimate daddy to be gift. The Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox! Here is the link to their site:



domestic _ goddess AT mail DOT com

Court said...

I like the emergency formula container, but for the secondary reason: the wee wee cover. We got to get used to the idea of a boy baby, eek!

Amanda said...

I love the turkey baster!! Hilarious!


Keitha said...

My fovortie item is the "scream plug"

keithadanielle at yahoo dot com

Telisha said...

That is too funny. I think the goggles are the best part. I can just see it.
Telishahayes (at) hotmail (dot) com

Telisha said...

I've got your button.
Telishahayes (at) hotmail (dot) com

Shelly T. said...

All the tools are pretty funyy, but I love the "biohazard bag"!


Anonymous said...

The turkey baster has to be my favorite because it's so funny! My husband is a carpenter & this "toolbox" will be great for our first baby arriving in September!!

soncrazed @ aol dot com

Felicity said...

The turkey baster (hiney washer) is my favorite. This is such a great gift.

Meredith said...

Tweet! https://twitter.com/meredycat/status/2001476154

Missesprincess said...

Love the tongs! My husband is all about our dog's pooper scooper...I could so see him actually using tongs to throw away the diaper LOL.

Anonymous said...

Love the goggles and tongs!
yeloechikee at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I emailed Ellen about this product for another blogger's contest--do I still get an extra entry even though I don't have a copy of the message I sent? I don't want to harass the Ellen staff with multiple messages from me....
yeloechikee at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

If I get credit for my Ellen entry, here's my #2 entry! Thanks
yeloechikee at hotmail dot com

Danielle said...

I love this! My favorite product has to be the mask.

ldsmom2201 at yahoo dot com

oceanrena said...

I would like to win this for my husband we are expecting our first child in oct, the the turkey baster is def the funniest

Misc Jenn said...

The Badge of Honor picture frame is my favorite. A happy picture to keep your husband calm when the kid is screaming her head off! :)

miscjenn at gmail dot com

The Coons said...

I love the biohazardous bag!
Thanks for the opportunity to win this!
jessicacoon (at) ymail (dot) com

mogrill said...

I love the Turkey Baster!! My bro is expecting a baby in July!! So funny. Thanks for the chance.

MAC Mom said...

THe Biohazardous Bag is my favorite.

Very useful for Daddy's who have no idea about Diaper Changing.

jesskaufman at hotmail dot com

MAC Mom said...

I made a suggestion to the Ellen show:

I found a product that I think your viewers will love for Father's Day. It is the Diaper Changing Toolbox. It makes a great gift for soon to be Dads that are clueless about Diaper changing.

jesskaufman at hotmail dot com

MAC Mom said...

Following on Twitter my username is macmomof3

jesskaufman at hotmail dot com

Blakesmom said...

I have a boy so the goggles are perfect! Thanks for the chance.


Linda said...

This is really funny, I like the turkey baster!

Nia said...

The biohazard bag is too cute and I always got a kick out of the mask for toxic fumes. lol This would be a great gift for my brother who is soon to be a new dad.

mthomson said...

Love the mask for toxic fumes. My first grandchild is on the way, and I would love to give this to my son! Thanks for the giveaway. mthomson@comcast.net

Daniel M said...

the biohazard is just too funny - regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com

qtrhrse66 said...

Love the biohazard bag...too funny, I know a new dad who could really use this..lol.\


Jennifer said...

My favorite part is the goggles for old faithful! LOL!


Mike Jones said...

I like the rubber gloves! Thanks for the contest!


A Joyful Chaos said...

I like the gloves, because they really are essential when changing a loaded diaper.

Christine said...

Haha, I love the Biohazard Bag for "quarantine contaminant of the nuclear meltdown".

Christine said...

I emailed the Ellen Show.

"Please have the Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox on the show! It's the perfect gift for every new Dad.



Christine said...

I emailed the Ellen Show.

"Please have the Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox on the show! It's the perfect gift for every new Dad.



Christine said...

I blogged about this giveaway.


erma said...

My favorite item in there is the turkey baster for hiney cleaning. lol

Anonymous said...

The goggles, gotta protect the eyes! I'd so love to win one of these, thank you for the chance! :)

katco64 (@aol.com)

kathy pease said...

i love the ear/nose plugs they can be used straight up to college :)

SeahorseLady said...

Very cute. I like the biohazard bag and nose plugs. This would make a great gift for my friend who is expecting their fist child.

Anonymous said...

What a great box of fun this is! I absolutely love the Scream Plug... hopefully it works as advertised! Our first is still baking only a few more months to go... but this would be a great way to welcome DH to fatherhood! He's been a little reluctant so far, but I'm sure something this lighthearted would do a better job of easing him into the fray :) Thanks for the super contest!


Deb K said...

The Patent Pending Poop Poncho --need we say more??? just makes me smile thinking of my son wearing it :)