Saturday, February 21, 2009

No more need to re-subscribe. Whew!

So After all that mess with re-subscribing and feeds not transferring, Google finally contacted me, (after 3 weeks I might add), and guess what? They finally transferred my feeds.

You would think I would be happy. I was not. I was so mad, because they basically gave me an ulcer having to stress out about getting my readers to re-subscribe and fearing my account would be lost with in the next week with all of my great subscribers addresses.

Not the best costumer service. You would think they would contact me to tell me they were looking into my account or fixing the problem? It is a good thing I am not writing a review about them! "Boy, I am on one tonight"!

Basically I am writing this post to inform you that there is no need to re-subscribe. For those of you who helped me out by doing so, thank you so much.
Catch the Drift... is now back on track. I think most of you should now start getting only one feed from me. If you are getting two feeds send me your email so I can get it taken care of. Sorry I had to let some steam out.

All past subscribers and recent subscribers are good.
Thank you so much for all your support. Take care and enjoy those feeds from "Catch the Drift...".

Mama Snow