Tuesday, February 17, 2009

IMPORTANT Subscriber information! PLEASE READ!

I need all my Subscribers to re-subscribe!
Feedburner has been undergoing several changes recently and I have to be honest, the changes have been One Big Pain in the Butt! With these changes there has been much confusion with feedburner and it's users. Long story short, Google and feedburner have decided to merge and in the process my feedburner account is struggled to make the switch.
I apologize for any incconvienc this may be. Trust me I am not too excited about the process either. I do ask though that you would all re-subscribe again to my new feed.
For the next two weeks as I go through the transition you will get two feeds from me. This is only temporary. My old feedburner account will be deleted shortly and you will be back to one email again soon.
I hope you all can bare with me on this. Please be sure to re-subscribe. I have already added my new subscribe feed off to the left side bar(It looks the same, but it is different). I count on my followers and subscribers to get me through this.

Thank you so much for all of your support and patience.
Mama Snow