Tuesday, February 17, 2009

National Pancake Day = Free Pancakes at IHOP!

I love my mom, she is one great lady. Speaking of IHOP reminded me of this funny story.
My mom decided to meet my husband and I at IHOP one day. We waited and waited for her, but she never showed up. She knew the area very well and it was hard to think she would actually be lost. Anyway we finally got a hold of her and asked her where she was. She said, "I just don't get it! I have been driving all over the place and I swear I knew where IHOP is, but the only thing I see is Internationsl House Of Pancakes"!
I will never let her live that down.

So back to the reason for thia post. National Pancake Day is February 24 and IHOP will be giving away one free short stack ( 3 buttermilk pancakes) per customer. Check it out!