Monday, December 1, 2008

Time to see who got their money's worth....

So I love deals, you all may be realizing that by now. I am just dying to hear what good deals you found during Black Friday and the weekend sales. "What deal were you going after and did you get to it first?", " Did you find any deals that totally shocked you?", " How was your Black Friday experience over all?".
Basically you can share any of the above or what comes to mind.
Can't wait to hear from you all! Here was my big finds.

I really wanted to get My little boy the Leapster. The best deal I saw was at Smiths Market Place, where you could get a Leapster plus a Leapster Game for $34.99 I think or something close to it. Sadly I didn't get there on time. But I did get it at Kohls for $39.99 plus with the other things I bought I got $10 towards my next purchase. I love that $$$$ Oh ya, and thanks to Mindy my old HS friend who snagged the Leapster for me before they were all gone.

At Toys R Us they had some great movie deals. I snagged a few. One being Sleeping Beauty for $10.00. My most exciting purchase was the Guitar controllers for Guitar Hero for only $10. I got two of them. Last month Walmart did an awesome deal for 2 Xbox360 games for $30. I got Guitar Hero ($15) but with no guitars. So now with my guitars I have the total package with only spending $35. YIPEE!

My last find which I was pumped about was at Kmart. On Saturday their big sale included a buy 1 leapster game and receive another FREE. I totally jumped for that deal and bought two of them. Leaving me with 4 games for the price of 2. We now have My boys Christmas and Birthday taken care of. Well, almost!

So those were my finds. I absolutely enjoyed myself. My sister joined me and my sweet husband also came along so that we could shop while he waited in line. What a sport! Now it's your turn. Leave a post or email me and I will post it up for all to see.

Mama Snow


Miranda said...

The only deal I got was the pajamas and slippers for $4 at our Walmart for my daughter. I did go to Toys R Us for their Littlest Pet Shop toys and also grabbed my son the Fisher Price cart that is a TRU exclusive but it was the only one in town and they didn't have them at TRU online and on Amazon they were twice the price.. still not sure it was worth the 45 minutes I waited in line! lol

Hil'Lesha said...

I found a few good deals at Amazon. I found a new released game for the DS I really wanted for $9.95, a Power Tour Guitar for my son for $19.99, and a few movies for $3.99 (Surf's Up, Happy Feet, and Xmen: The Last Stand). I'm not complaining. ~lol~