Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Kid Friendly and Educational Websites!

So today I wanted to introduce you to some of my sons, Tate's, favorite websites. What really make these great is that they are educational and fun. So for those of you with children age 2-Grade school check these out. Obviously you will probably have to help some of the younger ones out but seriously they will love it.

FIrst is Ziggity Zoom. I heard of this today and Tate and I went to check it out. There are games, coloring pages, virtual stories, crafts and more. Tate loved the "Feed the Monster" game. He thought it was so funny how the monster was constantly hungry. I thought the "Hide n Seek" game was great. It had many hiding spots with numbers on them and the point was to find the cat. When you click on the number, it opens that hiding spot to show you if you found the cat. It was really beneficial with helping Tate recognize and learn his numbers. Tate is working on numbers right now in pre-school.

The second is called "Teach the Children Well". This is one you will just have to explore on your own. There are so many games and activities. I wouldn't even know where to start. This site will give you a list of games from several other websites. These games involve everything from numbers, abc's, rhyming and much more!

Last there is PBS Kids. These are games with all the well known characters your children see on TV.

Now if anyone else has a kid friendly website that they and their children love please share.