Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Morning Scavenger Hunt (Free Download)

I started this tradition with my children last year when we were up at our cabin. Before my children go to bed they put their baskets out. When they woke up to get them they found a note and the first clue. This led them all over the place collecting clues until the final clue led them to their baskets. They loved it and for that reason I am coming up with a whole new one this year.

I figured I would save those of you interested from the trouble of coming up with your own scavenger hunt. The clues are pretty simple since my children are younger. Obviously some of the clues won't work for your home or what's available. For that reason just delete that clue or create your own.

What You Need
- Plastic Eggs

Download Here

Hints for you on where to hide the clues....

First Clue: When you see this “Bear”, don’t bealarmed,He doesn’t growl and you means no harm! (Put the clue with a Teddy Bear)

Second Clue: "If there is a show you are wanting tosee,Pick up the remote and turn on the……." (Come on. It's the TV)

Third Clue: "When your tummy’s growling and youneed something to eat,Follow your nose and pick up your feet!" (Fridge)

Fourth Clue: "Though I am far away and I don’t havea phoneContact me this way… it will be sent tomy home" (Mail Box)

Fifth Clue: "You might not have noticed this next clue at all, It blends very nicely with what’s on the wall!" (Hide in a wreath or frame on the wall)

Sixth Clue: "If you’re covered in mud and/or starting to stink, You may need to clean up in more than a sink!" (Bath Tub)

Seventh Clue: "You’re almost done, just one more clue And then you can see what I’ve left for you. To find your baskets you must be brave And go to a place that is dark like a cave!" (A Closet or Crawl Space)

Have a Great Easter!


Jen @ Blog Giveaway Directory said...

I love this idea! Thanks so much for sharing. I think the kids will enjoy it.

By the way, are you going to be bringing back the Friday giveaway linky?

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