Monday, September 27, 2010

Story Time For Me review and FREE books offer!!!

Reading is a huge focus in our home. My husband and I feel reading is so important for our children's future (we basically began reading to them while in the womb ;0). Both of us realize that unless you enjoy reading you will not be doing much of it. So as a mom I have tried to find ways to teach my children that reading is fun. I feel the best way to start is by using picture books so that they can begin to realize how to use their own imaginations. Even better is if you can find a way to really make the story come alive right before your child eyes.

Story Time For Me can help books come to life for your child as well as help them read as they listen to the stories. "Story Time For Me" includes professionally narrated children's books with fun animated pictures. Your child can easily follow the highlighted words while listening to sounds effects, and click on words. This is a wonderful site to help get your child interested in reading. There are several children's stories to choose from

My children have gone through the website with me and checked out the sample books available on the site. It has been a great way to point out familiar words to my son who is beginning to read. He has also enjoyed trying to say some of the words on his own and then clicking on the word to see if he got it right. As for my youngest, she really enjoys all of the animations.

All Catch the Drift... followers can receive 2 or 10 FREE books ($24 value). Here is all you have to do....

To earn 2 storybooks:
1. email Andrew at stating you want 2 Books: Referred by Catch the Drift...
2. Include in the email your first and last name, email address, child's first name and birth date (If you have more than one child just select the child you feel will enjoy this program the most)
3. You will then receive an email confirmation from within 1 business day. (You may want to add that email to your address book and white-list so you are sure to receive the email)

To earn 10 storybooks (Retail $24):
Visit, save the word document and fill it out. As you can see from the form, they just have to refer 10 ‘unique’ friends that have not yet registered at Story Time For Me. For anyone with a child in the 1-8 age range. HOWEVER, Story Time For Me does ask that you actually contact your friends and ask if they want to participate. It only counts if indeed they follow through with the email verification.

Either way check out Story Time For Me and learn more about what they have to offer. You can also want to "like" Story Time For Me on their Facebook page.


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Here is who you can contact requiring the free books

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