Wednesday, September 22, 2010

SOYJOY Blog Tour Review!

Now a days all my children want to eat is sugar and/or candy. When my son gets home from school and asks for a snack I name of every healthy food I can think of such as yogurt, string cheese, veggie sticks, fruit etc. The only thing on his mind is suckers, popsicles, chips, etc. It has really frustrated me that he only wants things that comes in a wrapper and are loaded with sugar. For this reason I have been trying to find anything that appeals to both of my children as a healthy snack.

I was lucky to be selected to be involved in the SOYJOY Blog Tour recently. SOYJOY offers all natural nutritional bars which includes minimal processed ingredients. I like the fact that "SOYJOY is completely free of trans fats, hydrogenated oils, artificial colors and flavors, preservatives and chemical additives." There is also the plus that SOYJOY is Gluten Free!

My daughter absolutely loves the SOYJOY bars. She has one a day and I had to get more for her at the store. As for my son, he is a little harder to please, but he did like the NEW BANANA flavor. Sadly though, this hasn't stopped him from asking for candy all the time. It was worth a try though ;0) I too put the taste to the test and for a nutritional bar, that includes all the great ingredients that they do, they are pretty good. I would choose the Blueberry flavor over any other, but that is just my taste preference. This is a great snack for me after the gym and can help me keep myself away from those not so healthy snacks.

SOYJOY "Second Chances" Contest:)
To celebrate the new SOYJOY which has been changed to be fruitier, moister and better than before, SOYJOY is hosting the "Second Chances" contest. You can find all the details on SOYJOYS Facebook page.
You can enter to win one of three $1000 prizes by simply telling them a story from your personal life about a time you did not make the best first impression, but had a second chance.

Contest Ends October 3, 2010 (11:59 pm EDT)

***“I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign by Mom Central on behalf of SOYJOY and received samples of their nutritional bars to facilitate my candid review. Mom Central also sent me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.”***