Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Baby Diner Review and FREE Baby Diner for everyone!!!

The first time your baby took their first bite of food you were so proud of them. Before you know it they will be feeding themselves and.... throwing their food all over the place. This is not one of the more exciting baby moments.

Recently I was contacted by Baby Diner about doing a review on their product. Baby Diner was made to help lesson those baby messes involving food. They did this by creating something that can hold your baby's plate in place. This prevents them from being able to picking up the plate and dumping their food on the floor. This is only too common for little ones. My own children would either get bored or mad and the first thing they went for was always the plate they were eating on and don't even think for a second that they just dropped it. Eating time can get pretty dangerous with infants and toddlers.

The Review:
Even though my youngest is two we still face challenges with her wanting to play with her plate. She loves to try to push it across the table, spin it and when she gets mad... she likes to throw it. I was so anxious to see if this product really worked. Piecing it together was simple. All I had to do was slide the suction pieces into place. I was pleased with the size of the product as it is small enough to carry in my purse or diaper bag. This will become very useful for when we all go out to eat.

I tried the Baby Diner on both my kitchen table and high chair. It worked great on both of them. I then tried several of my toddler plates. All of my plastic dishes worked exactly as promised except for my IKEA plates. This was only because the bottom of the plate has a ridge which pokes, getting in the way of the suction. Plates and bowls with smooth bottoms work best, which you will find most baby and infant plates have. I am so excited to have the Baby Diner in my home and with me when we travel.

Get it FREE:
Baby Diner is giving away FREE Baby Diners to all "Catch the Drift..." readers. You will only have to pay for shipping and handling. Be sure to go to THIS LINK to get yours!
Baby Diner also makes a perfect gift for first time moms and dads!


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I am hosting a giveaway to celebrate a project that took me 23 years to complete.

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