Sunday, July 12, 2009

True Love...

8 years ago...
My husband and I met each other the first day of college and we immediately hit it off, or so I thought. He used his smooth talk and somehow managed to get me to go to some college social/dance. Here we danced practically every other song.... Long story short, my future husband also danced all the other songs with some other girl. Both, the other girl and I must have been thinking the same thing, "We sure got this guy hooked". By the end of the night I was floating in air. That was until I went to say goodbye and swap numbers with this tall and handsome fellow, only to find him sitting mighty close to some other girl. You guessed it. The girl who, he danced with on all the other songs. When I saw how close they were sitting I almost didn't want to approach him, but he saw me and so I just told him I was I was stopping to say bye and had to go. He then got up and said he wanted to say goodbye to my friends. It was pretty odd since he hardly knew my friends. It all made sense when he immediately asked me for my number once the other girl was out of site. Hmmm? I gave it to him and waited for him to call... (I know... What was I thinking?)

1 Month later:
Still hadn't heard from that cute guy. I did however run into him after class one day. He somehow had the nerve to say, "I was going to call you the other day....". He wasn't so smooth at that moment. Then and there he asked me out and I hated to hurt the poor guys feelings who had just put his foot in his mouth, so I said, "sure".

9 Months Later:
9 months later we were married. You may think it is because of where I am from, but it is just because he realized what a catch I was. He wasn't about to let me go now!

7 Years Later:
We are happy to say we have two of the cutest kids, who were in fact not planned. Actually they were anything but planned. Those who personally know me know the story. Those who don't, here you go.

First pregnancy happened when I had had it with birth control and my husband had it with using the glove. He sort of thinks he's a doctor since he works with them with his job. He heard of this thing called "The Family Planning Method". It can be used wither to get pregnant or prevent pregnancy, the natural way. I was totally against it, but somehow he smoothed talked me into this as well. I explained to him that not all women's cycle is the same, no matter how normal their periods are. Well, first time using this method I got pregnant. I still remember my first words when I saw the test was positive.... I will not repeat them.

My second pregnancy happened a little different. We were living with his parents at the time, waiting for our home to be finished getting built. I did not like the idea of getting pregnant in his parents house, the thought sort of weirded me out, and I did not want to move into a new home all big and pregnant. I won the battle this time and the glove was back on. This time I heard my husband say some great words in the bathroom, after our little romantic moment. I went to see what the fuss was and sure enough, the condom broke. What makes it even better was this one time, I got pregnant. (My child is proof condoms can break and it takes only one time).

Basically I learned birth control has no power over God's will. That or my husband just has to stop believing he is a doctor and knows which birth control works best... (Well I guess my method wasn't all that great either)

Present Time:
Here we are, two children later. No couples life goes smooth, but I like to think we have a little extra bumps in ours. Actually I think our life is much like a sitcom. Let me share more.

So this last May I received a phone call from my mother in law. She mentioned how our 7 year anniversary was coming up and asked if we wanted her to watch the kids. I was shopping at the store and immediately stopped my cart. "Crap", I thought, my anniversary was the next day and I had completely forgotten. Good news is I knew I could count on my hubby to forget too. I called my husband up and asked if anything special was coming up and he answered "no". I mentioned our anniversary date and of course he said, "doesn't sound familiar".

"Whew"! I was off the hook since both of us had forgotten our 7 year anniversary... Our is it our 8th?

This is what I call "True Love". Even after all of our mistakes and our surprises, we still love each other. We are the sort of couple who can laugh at our mistakes and find some positives in those little surprises that enter our lives. We have been blessed with two adorable children and more importantly each other. We will love each other through better or worse, forgetfulness is also included.

So now you know a little more about me and my family who is at my side. I want to continue to share these funny moments with you. Not because we don't have our trials, because we do. Trust me. We have had some of the biggest trials and challenges face us these last few years. But instead of sharing with you the most difficult times, which we all have, I want to try to share with you some of these moments that make our lives unique. The moments that make us stop and realize what we have been blessed with and what we should hold on to. The moments that make us smile. My family brings all of these moments to mind. So every now and then I will share more with you and hopefully it can bring a smile to your face like it has mine.

Remember those moments that can bring a smile to you face.

Take Care,
Mama Snow


Halifax said...

What a fun story to tell. And congratulations on your anniversary. Love to hear more great moments that you're willing to share

carolpie said...

I enjoyed reading this and have to say whata lovely way to start the week. I really liked when you said: "But instead of sharing with you the most difficult times, which we all have, I want to try to share with you some of these moments that make our lives unique. The moments that make us stop and realize what we have been blessed with and what we should hold on to. The moments that make us smile."
Your story about getting pregnant makes me smile because I remember I had my period and hubby said "Don't worry, nothing will happen." Nine months later our son was born. I was scared because of previous C-sections but I am so glad it happened. I cannot imagine life without our youngest, our only son. Add to that we lost our middle child, so you see how precious they truly are. All I can say is thank God for my husband thinking he know
about birth control! I also believe that God had that plan for us to have our son.

Bill and Lorie Shewbridge said...

What a great story, and very well written... My first child is a product of the same type of "birth control". But I am so glad I have him!! I, too, have some awful memories of my first marriage (to the man now referred to as the "sperm donor") but I care to write about The Hubs, who is the most wonderful man in the world (no offense to yours).
Thanks for sharing your story! I agree, it's a great way to start the week. Have a good one.....

Clueless_Mama said...

Congratulations on your anniversary. It sounds like ya'll have a great life together. You are right about Gods will being very strong:) I hope you have another 50 years together.

Grace @ Sandier Pastures said...

Happy anniversary, Mama Snow! Wishing you many, many years more!

Funny story about the conception of your children. :-)

~Sandy~ said...

Happy Anniversary! Great story...kept me on my seat :) I love how God's timing is always right...even when we don't think it is

The Mangerchine's said...

Just found your blog and am enjoying sifting throught it!

So funny! Thanks for sharing!