Sunday, July 12, 2009

Super Excited!

I am so excited right now because I am working with some fantastic bloggers to bring you some great tips and advice on a variety of subjects. These are all of my "Guest Editors/bloggers" who I will be introducing to you throughout the next months or so. I would like to spotlight one or more a week.

I just recieved my first post from Shannon of "Milk and Cuddles". She is wrote an excellent article on "Making Homemade Baby Food". Be on the lookout for this in the nxt two weeks. It is very informative and fun. There are also several other topics that we will be bringing you such as, "Creating Healthy Kids", "Cooking", "Childbirth", "Vacationing on a budget" and more. I also am very excited to introduce to you another blogger who is very inspiring and whom I expect will touch many of our hearts. This blogger is the creator of "Thirty Something Land".

In the mean time keep sending me those topic ideas. I have received some that I hope to share with you soon. Many I hadn't even thought of, which makes it even more exciting to hear about. My husband has also asked that I share some of my humorous moments as a mommy. He thinks we have the funniest kids.... That or the most out of control wife. Either way, I agree that you would probably enjoy some of these stories. it is moments like these that help us appreciate and enjoy life. It is important to find humor, even at the most frustrating moment (kids can do that for you).

Have a wonderful day and be sure to check in later to "Catch the Drift with Mama Snow".


Bill and Lorie Shewbridge said...

I'm really looking forward to these posts, mostly the ones about your escapades with your children. You have a terrific way of writing and I'm sure it will be very enjoyable!!

~SHANNON~ said...

Yay! I'm so excited to be a guest blogger! Looking forward to sharing some tips on making baby food with your readers! What an honor to guest host on "Mamma Snow!"

Can't wait!