Friday, June 19, 2009

Mr. Linky Attack....

Friday is back with the Mr. Linky attack! Ok, I am really struggling to come up with something new. Just saying , "Time for Mr. Linky", gets a little boreing.
So I have some great new giveaways coming this next week, plus you get to hear all about my Yanni Voices experience. I got great pics and .... You will just have to wait to hear more.

(This is my sister and I at the concert)

Like always "Catch the Drift..." has several giveaways. 3 of them will be ending next week on Thursday June 25. You are all missing out on The Purple Party giveaway, where are all of your entries? Chances are looking good for those who have entered.

Carolyn's Kitchen (sexy aprons) 6/23
Piggy Paint 6/23
Purple Trail (Party giude site) 6/23

Well let's get movin!


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