Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Try Netflix FREE!

I am a Netflix member and love it! I think on of my most favorite and newest additions to Netflix is the "Watch Instantly" selection. If you have access to a computer or an XBOX this is awesome. I am always really bad when it comes to returning movies and rarely get them back on time. I basically have been told by my husband that I cannot rent anymore movies. I have the same problem with the returning library items. We rank up a lot of late fees. Opps!
When you sign up for Netflix you have a great selection of all the newly released movies to select and get through your mail. The process is usually a 3-4 day process. I have never had to wait longer then this to get my next movie. With the "Watch Instantly", you can download a movie immediately to your computer or Xbox anytime. This is great so you never have to worry about wating for your next movie plus you can download several at the same time. We have 12 downloaded on to our xbox right now. It literally took no more then a minute for this to download. It is like magic.
I will be honest. The Watch Instantly doesn't always have the newest movies available, but we have found several TV series we enjoy (The Office, Heroes, 30 Rock) and a ton of children movies which our children love. That way my kids think we are spoiling them by renting all these movies for them during the week. My oldest loves it. I find this well worth the member ship.
Right now Netflix if offering a FREE trial and you have the choice between 4 plans. I am not sure which plans they are or how it works. I got this information through Pinching your Pinnies, which is a very reliable source. You will have to check it out for further information but my guess is they will ask for your credit/debit card and if you don't cancel once your FREE trial is over they may start charging you monthly. But you can cancel anytime.

Got to love movies!

Mama Snow


Becca said...

I have to clarify now. I have Netflix and love it. I have never tried the watch instantly feature. Are you saying it downloads the movie to your computer as opposed to having to watch it that second? That would be great! Thanks!