Saturday, March 28, 2009

Life is Grand AWARD!!

Thank you to Dexter's Super Savvy Mommy for sending me this award. I have to admit this was pretty good timing. You know those weeks where you feel your about to scream your head off? Well I have been having one of those, and one thing I have learned to help me through these weeks is by looking at everything I am grateful for. This helps me balance things out in life and helps me to realize that there are always more important things out their then the little tiffs that come up. So I am excited to except this reward and share with you "Why Life is Grand".

Here are my Top 5 Reasons:

1. Life is Grand because I have a husband whom I can trust to always be supportive of me and our children. He is Perfect for me.
2. Life is Grand because I have two children who constantly remind me they are my top priority ;) They have also helped me grow so much as an individual and a person.
3. Life is Grand because I have this fun blog that I totally enjoy doing and has led me to meet so many wonderful bloggers and companies. Love it, Love it!
4. Life is Grand because I am learning how to conquer my fears and it makes me feel like I can conquer the world. Ok... Maybe I don't feel like I can conquer the world but it does make me feel great!
5. Life is Grand because I have so many good and supportive people around me. This includes my family and friends. I love them all.

Here are the 5 bloggers that I am passing this on to (in no particular order)
2. The MUd Bug
3. Yaya from Yaya Stuff
4. Ann from Ann Again and Again
5. Heather form Bebe and Alice


~Sandy~ said...

oh my you are just too sweet! i too had one of those weeks...this totally made my day though :O) i really just started blogging a couple months ago, and your blog was one of the first one's i read. it's so positive and fun, i always look forward to your new posts!!!

thanks again and enjoy the rest of your weekend <3

Ann said...

This is such an important exercise for us to do. We really need to take the time to consider our lives, our family, etc. Great list Tasha! Makes me smile.

And... you know what ELSE makes me smile?... You shared this with me! I am truly honored. This has set me on a positive path today. Thank you for this :->