Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Winners are.....

I know you are all so excited. I am even excited!
So I used to select a random winner. I first want to thank all of you who have entered these wonderful giveaways. I hope you keep these wonderful stores and products in mind for the future. Thanks you all who became followers and subscribers, you all have motivated me to work harder in finding products I know you will love. Thank you, Thank you!
(Now if that wasn't the greatest speach I ever heard!)
Before I announce to you the winners I just needed to inform you of a couple of things I noticed that will effect your entries counting if you are to be selected.
-Although I and the sponcers love to hear how much you love the products, if you do not follow the rules and leave what your favorite product was or what ever the rules requested from you, your entry cannot count.
-Another thing is if you say you did something for an extra entry and when you are selected I check things out to confirm it and you did not, I will move on to select another winner.
-Last thing I noticed is from a few of you who subscribed to my mailing list. I love you for subscribing, but if you don't verify your subscription ,"You are not subscribed". Most everyone has verified their subscriptions, but there are a few who have not. If you are selected from that entry you do NOT win and we move on to next runner up.
From now on if I notice these entries before hand I will contact the individual to correct the mistake. If they don't I will have to delete the entry. Rules are Rules!

So now for the winners of the Scentsy and Tiara Boutique giveaway. I have emailed each of these winners and given them 48 hours to contact me before a new winner is chosen.

The Scentsy Winner is #56 Naja

The Tiara Boutque Winner is #107 Heather

Congrats to you both! On Saturday we will be announcing more winners (Layers Clothing and Good For You Girls giveaway), so good luck to all of you who have entered those giveaways!