Monday, January 26, 2009

McDonald's Coupon Booklet is Back!!!

IMPORTANT: This is only at limited locations! For me to go to my closest location is about a 30 min. drive(I am going to pass this offer!) others are still trying to find a McDonalds near them that has this offer. Sorry is is so limited. Best of luck finding one! Check to make sure your local McDonalds has this special!

The McDonald’s coupon booklets are back just in time for Valentine’s Day. For just $1 you get 12 coupons. These include 3 free hamburgers, 3 free small cones, 3 free apple dippers or small fries, and 3 free apple juices or milk jugs. I am not sure how long this will last. I am guessing it goes till Valentines Day.
*Only participating locations are doing this. So you may want to double check if your local McDonalds is.


Mama Snow said...

I heard the one in Provo does so I already decided to not make the drive. If I hear of one closer to you I will let you know!