Monday, January 12, 2009

How are you doing with your new years resolutions?

So how many of you do New Year resolutions? I have to admit I am one of those people. Not only am I one of those people who decide to attempt to have one New Years Resolution, I like to have at least 3 or more. Can you say, "Overload"!
Honestly though my resolutions for this year have been going great. My first resolution was for my husband and I to switch our budget into a $cash$ ONLY budget. I know it seems a little scary. When he first brought this up, I freaked. I prepared myself for it though and now that it has been up and running, I really like it. In fact I can see how people have said you save a ton of money this way. Obviously there are it's mixed reviews. Some people feel they are too stressed with what amount they have and are afraid to spend it. I have seen that a bit with my personal cash (which I have still not spent a dime from), but if anything I feel I am training myself to just be more aware of what the necessity's are. I too many times at the store I see a snack or a cute toddler outfit that would look "so cute" on my kids and I would just buy it. Not anymore. So far I have made it through the first week and a half and no problems! I guess it is still a little early to tell!
My second resolution, the most popular one, EAT BETTER! I have cut out all breads and bad carbs. At first I made an extraordinary discovery lol. Carb withdrawals! Ok, I have had caffeine withdrawals and have heard of drug withdrawals, but Carb Withdrawals! Can't say I have, until now. The first couple of days I had the worst headache and was extremely moody. By day three things calmed down a bit. Now at day 12 I am seriously 10 pounds lighter and I didn't even need to starve myself.
Last resolution was to get my "Catch the Drift..." blog rollin. Which I am pleased to say has been!

So How are your New Years resolutions treating you? Are do you prefer to stay away from them? Please leave me a comment and share!


Ann said...

Oh man, 'resolutions'. Hubby and I have gotten a jump start on our new directions and the exercising is kicking in and the "Credit Card Cut-Up Party" happened a month ago.

We'll see how were handling ourselves a month from now. (I honestly plan on keeping our new ways. Exercise is making us happier! :-> )