Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mama in Flip flops giveaways!

So I go really excited about these giveaways and had to share!

First is Pediped Shoes. OMGOSh! These are the best. I received a pair last month and have loved them. They are not only adorable but very convenient. How might you ask? They never fall off Addie's foot. I swear shoes never stay on a baby/toddlers foot but these actually do. To top off that benefit there is a great selection of colors and styles. I recommend you enter this giveaway. That's how I got my Pediped Shoes.
Enter here at Mama in Flip Flops!

Have you heard of the SmartShopper? I love this idea. I will be honest with you. I am lazy and when I realize I need something at the store I don't want to look around for a pen to write down what it is. I have always thought, "If obly with a push of a button, my list was there". Well now it can be. Check it out here at Mama in Flip Flops!