Wednesday, December 10, 2008

FREE copy of "Amazing Grace" DVD!

So I have yet to see this movie, but it does have good review and is rated PG. If it's FREE what the heck. SO here is the deal...
You need to register at Walden Media and they will send you a FREE calendar and a copy this DVD. OH ya, and registration is also FREE. So I personally went to check this site out to see what it was all about. Walden Media is a family friendly website which first started by trying to bring loved book to the screen, like " The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe". Their website now includes information on books and fun games for children to play, all which include these great movies created form novels.
Another thing this website provides is included in this paragraph below. This is in their words.

"Teachers can find inspiration for the classroom with tools like activity guides and enhanced DVDs. How about a robot-building competition? Or a writing workshop simultaneously broadcast to movie theaters around the country, with our directors, writers and stars participating? We provide seminars and forums for teachers to trade ideas on using media in the classroom.

Like all educators, we want to instill lifelong enthusiasm for learning."