Friday, November 21, 2008

Another Photo Book Deal!

I am seriously so excited about this blog and even more excited that people are informing me about great deals. The more followers and input I can get can help this blog grow into something great. That meaning Giveaways and discounts offered to YOU through companies who are willing to let me review their product. So really I can only do this through your help.
Thanks to those who have shared deals and opinions.
So if you know of a deal or have something you want to share or even ask, PLEASE DO!

Today I got an email forwarded to me with this deal. It is worth checking out!

If you missed the FREE Photo Book deal last week here is another one. It definatly isn't as great but it's still great!
At Costco the have a "Buy one or more photo books and get an extra copy FREE".
The code is COS241 and expires Dec. 1.

This way you can make a family Photo Book and get an extra copy to give mom for Christmas!