Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Halloween Treat Ideas...

Nothing gets better than the creepy food creations on Halloween. Now that we have our homes ready for all of our ghouls and goblins we need to make sure we have the perfect treats ready for them. Halloween parties will be going on throughout the whole month so I am sure you will find plenty of opportunities to use one or more of these ideas!

Cupcake Toppers/Wrappers

"Momma Go Round" created adorable cupcake toppers and wrappers for halloween. These are perfect to use for your child's halloween party at school or at home. All you have to do is make the cupcakes and print off the toppers/wrappers!

Thanks for sharing Nina

Spider Cakes

"Not Martha" has the most amazing tutorial for these Spider Cakes. You have to check out what the insides of the cake looks like ;0)

Body Parts (Eye Balls)

I found several great recipes and Ideas on this site, but was especially impressed with the Eerie Eyeballs. One of the best tutorials I have found on these yet and very real looking!

Gelatin Worms

Food.com has a great recipe for these slimy worms.

Family Fun Site Halloween Ideas

Apple Bites

Pizza Mummy

So I could post on and on and on.... and fill this post with hundreds of ideas. One other site I recommend you check out is TipJunky.com. This is one of my favorite site filled with tutorials and ideas for birthdays, showers, gifts, holidays and so much more! Just type in Halloween under the search tab and you can find tons of halloween ideas. One post gives 20 Gross Halloween Party Ideas For Kids.

If anyone has any other great ideas please share in comments or you can always email them to me and I will add them throughout the month!


A.Marie said...

Those are really cool Halloween ideas! I could have used those years ago when my daughter was in Girl Scouts! Those girls would have freaked out over the eyeballs and worms!!! LOL