Thursday, October 28, 2010

Early Giveaway Linky.....

Wow, the older your kids get the busier life gets as a mom.... I have two two... wait three halloween party's I have to get things ready for. One is at my house with the cousins, the other my sons classroom Halloween party and I have to get everything put together for a game (On todays list of "Things To Do") and then my husband and I have a party tomorrow night and we don't even have our costumes..... One top of the parties, I have costumes to finish and alter. Oh the list goes on, needless to say I am posting the linky today and warning you that you probably won't hear much from me until Monday, which let me remind you is the day the 2010 Christmas GIft Guide will be announced. (Yes, I got that work to do this weekend as well). Let the craziness of the holidays begin!

Before I forget though I have to show you this adorable "Last Minute" halloween costume idea sent from Milk and Cuddles. So cute!

Thanks for sharing!

Need more last minute ideas? You can also go to

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