Friday, August 13, 2010

I have overtaken Google Reader.... Yay!

Many of you are going to be overtaken by Catch the Drift... posts today. I apologize. Many of you noticed the reader hasn't worked for over a year and although aware of it, I have not gotten the chance to figure it all out until today. Actually I didn't have time, but when I am super busy and going crazy I always seem to put the least important things first. This is a really BAD habit and drives my husband nuts.

Anyways it works and that is all that matters. After today you will only be receiving a few updates a week and not all at once. Everything is just catching up so again, my apologies.

Now enjoy the linky for this week and I will be back next week refreshed and with new giveaways!


~SHANNON~ said...

How did you end up fixing it?! I have the same problem! And I'm stumped!!

Glad your back!!

Becca said...

It's interesting to know you can fix it. I get so annoyed when I want to use my google reader and it isn't working!