Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fabulous Friday Linky!!!

I think I may be having an anxiety attack! My heart literally feels as if it is going to pop out of my mouth. It sounds so bizarre but it is true. This week has just been CRAZY and knowing the weekend and week ahead aren't going to be any better may be causing these side effects. Starting Saturday I am going to be running around constantly, starting my day off with my first 1/2 marathon then I will go off to meet with my best friend who will be in town (Not to bad.... yet). This will be the easiest day of what's ahead. From there my whole next week will be filled with my 10 year reunion,2 family birthdays and two family weddings which we are invited to all of the weeks events for both of them. I am throwing one of the showers for one of the brides and will also need to finish a wedding cake topper I have been making for one of the weddings. Of course we also have swim lessons, dance lessons and sports. That is life as a mom I tell you. Is your head spinning while reading this.

Well hopefully all of you will have time to enter the fabulous giveaways this weekend. Also don't forget to enter the 3 current giveaways going on at Catch the Drift...

Breyers Ice Cream (5 Winners) 8/10

Personal Microderm System 8/18

$25 worth of Hair Accessories from Hair Coverings Store 8/18


HSUper Parents said...

Thanks for the linky! Friday giveaway linky at

Ann said...

My head is spinning!

Good luck with all you have to do. I am in awe :->

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! Feel Free to link up at Baba's:

Joyful Housewife said...

Oh my heck! You ARE busy!

Thank you for the linky. I have also started my first Linky on my site if you have time to drop by. =0)

Thank you, again.