Thursday, May 13, 2010

Breeze Comfort review

It all started when I had my first baby. My once perky breast, deflated.... Since then I have been longing to get them back, but surgery isn't an option. Especially since I plan on maybe having one more baby and the cost is way too extreme for me. So I have been off to find the perfect bra with the perfect price attached, (It is very hard to justify the cost of a nice bra with my tight husband)!

I decided to look online for the bra of my dreams and came across Breeze Comfort who had some great reviews. I then checked out the prices and was pleased with what I saw. I decided to contact Breeze Comfort myself and see if they would be interested in being involved in a review. Lucky me, they were.

Can I just say, "I feel young again"! At least my chest looks young again. I ordered the BASIC Perforated Padded Push-Up Bra. This bra is built with extra lower padding to help boost your breast up and give them the perfect shape. What really makes the Breeze Comfort Padded bras unique is their patented perforated bra pads with holes to provide optimum breathability and comfort. This makes the Comfort Breeze bras 100% more breathable than any other padded bras and padded sports bras. Below I included more detail on this bra.

-Built-in patented perforated bra pads with holes to provide optimum breathability and comfort
-Seamless molded cups create smooth look
and prevent show-through
-Double-banded adjustable shoulder straps
to ensure perfect fit
-Underwire for extra support
-Tag-free back for added comfort
-Three-rows hook & eye back closure

I am excited to try Breeze Comfort Sport Bras now. I work out almost everyday and am in need of some good sport bras. Comfort Breeze is now offering to ship 2 sets of bra pads with their sport bras. A softer set for everyday day wear and low impact activities such as yoga and pilates. A stiffer set to provide additional support for medium/high impact activities.

Comfort Breeze also offers FREE SHIPPING to US!!! If you are an international customer, you can receive free shipping on orders over $50.

Bra Tip:
When choosing the perfect fitting bra, I always go with the exact measurement around my chest. This allows me to be able to use all of the rows of back closure. I tend to stay with the first row which is the smallest, but this gives me room to make adjustment if I gain weight or get pregnant. This also helps with the comfort of underwire bras.