Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Romance Your Hubby on Easter with "Truth or Dare"!

"After a beautiful Easter Morning with the family, you need to make sure you take the time to thank the REAL
Easter Bunny! Although eggs full of candy can be sweet, nothing is as sweet as Truth or Dare in the bedroom…
Each egg carries a Truth or Dare for you or your partner. Take turns. Each “Dare” must be completed and each
“Truth” must be told. Everything in the basket will be used for the game, so don’t open it before Easter.
If all goes well, you will be enjoying much more than this game by the end of the night!"

This last year my sister got married. She had a shower were you had to bring a gift for her to use each holiday. Of course it was preferred if you did something sexy and romantic, so I came up with this "Romantic Easter Night with Truth or Dare" basket.

I am bummed because I cannot find my pictures of the basket. However, I found a way for you to download the files so you don't have to go through so much work when putting this romantic Easter basket together. You can find the link below.

This is a romantic game of Truth or Dare. Not only is it fun, but will hopefully allow you and your significant other make some time for the two of you after the little ones go to bed. This is defiantly a game you will want to play behind your bedroom doors so know that some of the truth and dares may be a little... You know. (However, it is fun and not offensive). I am pretty conservative. Some of you may even want to add your own truth or dares.

All you need is :
A Basket
Easter Eggs (to place the Truth or Dare messages in)

If you choose to use my "Truth or Dares" you will need the following:
Body Paint or Chocolate Syrup
Candy Handcuffs (these can be found at most novelty stores)

How to Play:
It is easy. Each person takes turns opening an egg. Each egg has a Truth or Dare, which your partner will have to complete.

Download the game here!