Monday, November 30, 2009

Kernel Seasons Review (Christmas Gift Guide)

Kernel Season's began in the college dorm room of Brian Taylor at the University of Michigan. He said, "I made popcorn every night and created my own personal spice blends to toss into it. Friends and fellow students loved it. People came knocking on the door asking for the special seasonings. I contacted a team of flavor experts with over 50 years of experience to help perfect the seasonings. We tweaked the flavors for over two years until they were just right."

I was very excited when Kernel Season's agreed to have me review their products. My husband and I are huge popcorn lovers and I was very interested to see how Kernal Season's would change the taste of our popcorn. I have always been a fan of flavored popcorn, however my husband is not. I knew my husband would very hard to please.

Kernal Seasons sent an assortment of popcorn flavors , a 1 lb. Popcorn Pouch of raw popcorn kernels and the new butter flavored Popcorn Spritzer all free to try out. All popcorn flavors are all natural, low fat and low calorie, which is always a plus. The Popcorn Spritzer is used to help the popcorn seasoning stick to air popped popcorn. It works great.

I have loved testing the popcorn flavors out. Although I have enjoyed them all, I do have my favorites. I am a cheese person, so it is no surprise that the "White Cheddar" and "Nacho Cheddar" are my favorites. I also love to mix these with a bit of the "Butter Seasoning". There is a flavor that everyone will love. As for my husband, I was a little worried what he would say. Surprisingly he too has enjoyed trying out the variety of flavors. He maybe doesn't like to load on the seasonings as much as I do, but he does agree it adds to the flavor. Since he is more of a salty person he prefers the "Butter" and "Sour Cream and Onion". He would probably also love the "Salt", but since we weren't provided with that as a sample, we will have to go get it ourselves at a local store. I am very excited to test it out.

Where to purchase:
You can find Kernel Season's at several local grocery and retail stores. In fact, the other day I saw them at "Bed Bath and Beyond". You can also purchase their products online at .

If you choose to purchase any of Kernel Season's products, I recommend you go to their website to find a selection of recipes for each flavoring. You will also find that these Kernel Season's flavors can be used on just more than popcorn. Yet again, another plus since you can find multiple uses for these. Also check out the current discounts and deals they have available online!

Why did I choose Kernel Season's for this year Christmas Guide?
I am always looking for unique gifts. I though the Kernel Season's flavors would make an excellent neighbor gift. Just purchase an assortment of flavors or a handful of your favorite and some packs of microwave popcorn. From there just take one pouch of popcorn and one flavor, wrap a cute ribbon and attach a tag to it. This makes a fairly cheap and unique gift! If you have a good friend who love's popcorn, you may want to consider purchasing them a large section of flavors to test out.